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Pay per click is an online advertising model utilized to drive targeted traffic directly to websites through the use of advertisements. This traffic is then converted into sales or other revenue streams by an ad network that displays ads on relevant sites. The most commonly known PPC networks are Google AdWords and Bidvertiser.

Pay per click is used by many companies to gain visibility for their website in search engine results. Most websites have been optimized with keywords, but not every website will have the same level of search engine rankings. A small percentage of websites may not have sufficient content to generate enough searches to justify a PPC campaign. Search engines have developed software tools that allow sites to be ranked more efficiently.

Pay per click advertising works by sending visitors to a website and when they click on an advertisement it collects a portion of their advertisement cost. This portion can be sent to the advertisers for further marketing. When an advertiser sends their visitors to a website where they can purchase a product or service, this makes their website more likely to be visited. It is also more likely that an advertiser will place their ads on websites which are related to their own. The more relevant the website is to the advertisers, the more traffic they will receive. They will then place their ads on relevant websites and therefore pay a commission to the website owner.

Advertisers generally only charge for visitors who click on their advertisements. However, a website owner may send their traffic to multiple advertiser websites to increase their exposure. Advertisers will place their ads on websites which are related to their own, but may also place ads on sites which are not related.

PPC advertising has become increasingly popular due to the development of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO involves building websites and content to attract organic traffic, which will be directed to relevant websites where they can be displayed in search engine results. Pay per click advertising allows advertisers to achieve this level of organic traffic while promoting their website and brand. It is not uncommon for small websites to use both types of advertising.

Most website owners rely on the help of PPC advertising networks to promote their site and get a good return on their investment. Many advertisers work with website owners to ensure that their advertisements will show up in high search engine rankings. This ensures that website owners do not have to spend money on advertising without knowing whether it will be effective.