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Education has been present in human history since there was something to teach the new generations and although the teachings and forms have changed over time, what remains constant is the importance of education in people.


Today, more people receive an education compared to previous periods where it was only a luxury for a few, but there are still sectors of the population that lack it, so the relevance it has in each is becomes more evident.

What we learn not only allows us to read and write, but also to grow and improve our quality of life,make decisions with our own judgment or find a reason to enjoy life, whether working, helping others or thinking about ourselves.

Personal development.

When we study, strive, work hard and finally complete every year of study, many possibilities open up that allow us to face a world with professional and even personal challenges.The job one wished to have since he was a child is within reach and even if the goals changed along the way, all the knowledge gained with years studying will allow us to see other possibilities that are equally pleasant.

Of course not everything is so easy, because in a world with more people and more skilled professionals it becomes more difficult to get jobs but it is precisely here that education shows its effects because the mind has developed in such a way that it is easier find solutions, look for alternatives and put into practice your own ideas to get ahead.


Education allows anyone without any kind of distinction to reach their full potential and contribute to society. Men, women, people with disabilities and many more work in equal conditions because their education and effort put them in the same place as others.

Eradicate poverty.

Poverty is often linked to the low levels of education that societies have, so investing time in studies can reduce the number of poor people in the short and long term. Sometimes there are cases of people interrupting their studies and cutting off the possibility of a better life, but when they strive, there is support and they manage to end, both their social and economic status improve.

Poverty also involves other relevant topics such as health and food because by being more aware of our own health, life expectancy can increase, and nutrition follows a similar pattern as having more budget and knowledge about food to allow us more variety, you can lead a healthier and dignified life.

The future.

One of the most important factors in education is children,because at some point they will have the responsibility that adults have and the more they prepare, the more promising the future will be for all.

This does not mean simply taking all the knowledge of a book, but rather interacting with more people, seeing the world from different perspectives, learning about what is right and what is not so that they are better humans later. The goal-work is also present when children are educated and this helps them seek to excel, work, and contribute to society.