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Pouring liquid from your vape into the skin is dangerous

Many of the bottles of the manufactured juices contain a message to prevent as much as possible the skin from contacting your e-liquid. Even if this concern seems understandable, is pouring your vape liquid into the skin dangerous?

The nicotine problem

The problem with pouring liquid into the skin is nicotine. If you are using a nicotine-free juice, there is no risk of shedding a little on the skin. Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) ingredients of all juices for vape are often used in cosmetics. If you are using nicotine-containing juices, know that nicotine can pass through the skin.

Maybe you tried nicotine patches before switching to electronic cigarettes. In addition, some tobacco producers sometimes suffer from a disease called “green leaf disease of tobacco”. It occurs when they absorb too much nicotine through contact with the skin when harvesting tobacco leaves.

However, this is an extreme case and, in real life, spilling a little juice does not entail risks as long as you wash your hands without waiting too long. This is also true for juices with a nicotine content of 24 or up to 50mg/ml, because PG and VG do not penetrate easily into the skin.

If you had a hand in a sink full of e-liquid, you would only absorb about 0.5 mg of nicotine per hour. And what is the lethal dose of nicotine for humans? According to this study published in 2014, there are about 500 and 1000mg, or even more. But be careful, even at lower doses, nicotine can have adverse effects on human health, such as nausea and headaches.

What to do if you pour your vape liquid on to the skin?

If you pour liquid on the skin, you don’t need to panic. Simply wash your hands, even without soap, the e-liquid will disappear because it is soluble in water. If you ingest nicotine, it’s a totally different story: it’s much more dangerous especially in children. Make sure your juice is safely stored out of the reach of children.