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Catering is a term used to describe the preparation and service of food. There are generally two types of catering: on-premises catering refers to food cooked and served at a restaurant or other public establishment, while off-premises catering refers to food that is pre-cooked and delivered to a public place, typically a hotel or a guest house. In terms of food preparation, there are three basic types: raw food; prepared food; and food that has been cooked. Raw food refers to fruits and vegetables that are not cooked or dehydrated before being eaten. Prepared food refers to food that has been prepared according to certain specifications.



As with all catering, there are many different styles and types of catering that you can choose from. The traditional American style of catering is the hamburger buffet. For the most part, hamburgers are the most common type of food served at a hamburger buffet. There are also a number of other kinds of food that you can choose from. Some common choices include salads, Chinese, sushi, and even pasta.

Another style of catering that is very popular today is raw food catering. Raw food catering generally consists of raw fruits and vegetables, sometimes with sauces and seasonings. Because of this, raw food catering usually has very few dishes to offer. Most dishes that you will see at a raw food catering are salads, which are made of raw vegetables such as kale and spinach. Other common choices in raw food catering include sushi rolls, vegetable wraps, and other appetizers that are made of raw vegetables, fruits, and spices. Some raw food catering restaurants also have small portions of meat, if you are not looking for a full meal.

Another very popular type of catering today is the restaurant style. In this case, you will find many more dishes than you would at a raw food catering restaurant. Many restaurants make use of a large catering kitchen, where they prepare hundreds of different dishes at one time. These are usually some sort of appetizer, but can also include main courses, desserts, entrees, and desserts. Many restaurants also take care of the cooking, storage, and even cleaning of the dishes that they have prepared for you.

In terms of food preparation, many large catering companies offer a large variety of menus. This allows people to choose from many different foods that they are looking for. A very popular catering company may also make sure that you have plenty of time to decide on a dining menu. Many of these large catering companies also offer wine, beer, coffee, and ice cream in addition to the actual food that you order. This is great for when you have special occasions that call for a formal dining experience.

There are also some catering companies that offer catering packages that include some or all of the food in a single meal. These packages can be found through most catering companies. These packages may include a basic meal, an appetizer, and a salad or even dessert, and you can find many other items that you can add to the main meal. This option is great for people who may be having a wedding, a baby shower, or any type of special event where you want to be able to sit down for a meal and have everything that you need right at your fingertips.