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Removing malware is a tough concept, because the term malware alone can mean dozens of different types of infections. Cleaning spyware is a lot different than cleaning a virus or rootkit. Professionals train for years to become decent at true 100% removals. For that reason, they charge astronomically high prices for removal. Customers would come out of my shop spending hundreds for a clean machine. The purpose of this article is to educate many that getting a computer professionally cleaned is not going to cost a fortune.

Here are the steps to get your computer back to normal again, actually, perhaps have it running better than it EVER did before. Tuned, cleaned, and repaired, your computer can be virus free just minutes from now.

If you have a malware infection and you are able to access the internet.. you are lucky! If you are reading this and another computer is infected and you cannot access the internet, here is something to try…

How Do I Remove Malware From My Computer?

You MUST have the internet working on the computer repair to have a decent removal. Your tools and programs will need updates and internet connections to work at their optimal level. The first step is getting the internet working.

If you are typing anything instructed here, ignore the ” ” quotation marks.

If your internet connection WORKS on the infected computer, skip ahead, these steps are unnecessary for you.

  1. Go to the start button
  2. Click “Control Panel”
  3. Open “Internet Options”
  4. Go to the connection tab, click “LAN Settings”
  5. Make sure the box under “proxy server” is NOT checked, and make sure “automatically detect settings” IS checked.
  6. If Windows 7 or Vista, click start and type “cmd” you will see cmd show up in the top of the start menu. Right click it and select “run as administrator.
  7. If Windows XP/2K/ME/98 click start, select “run” and type “cmd” in the run box and press enter.
  8. In the cmd window type “ipconfig /release” and wait for it to finish.
  9. Then type “ipconfig /renew”
  10. Note there is a space between ipconfig and the / slash.
  11. Close the cmd window.

NOTE: If the “internet options,” “cmd” or any other program is not available or blocked, boot the computer into safe mode with networking. (reboot computer and press F8 once every second right before windows starts to load and select “safe mode with networking”)

Hopefully this will get you up and running with an internet connection to be able to commence the removal of the viruses.

Be Wary Of Jumping Right In And Removing Stuff…

Be careful just starting virus scans. I have personally seen multiple clients lose their files because they were infected with a virus and an improper scan deleted their pictures.

Sometimes when a virus is improperly cleaned, it can delete important user and system files that can cause you to lose data and crash your computer. You may be reading this because your Antivirus tools failed… ridiculous. Usually when a computer is infected, their antivirus tools are completely disabled, rendering them useless against the infection.

Through my experience, the only truly clean system is one that is professionally cleaned. Now, with the wonderful internet, you can have that professional removal with about the same as buying antivirus software that just fails and has zero guarantee of removal or protection!

Fix it immediately without paying astronomical computer repair prices I used to charge when I worked at a shop.

A breakthrough in computer repair and technical support is now available and provides immediate, guaranteed removal right now. Avoid lugging your computer to a repair shop, unplugging everything, leaving it with a stranger for DAYS. Your days of asking how do i remove malware are over!

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