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NYCFC Soccer Camps provides week-long programs specifically for highly skilled soccer players seeking to improve their technical & tactical skills at a high intensity, competitive environment. Camps also provide a wide variety of game-related games to foster aggressive & committed players on the field, professional coaching offered by NYCFC Youth Coach’s, and challenge and motivate players to further their abilities. Each player’s experience is truly unique and different from the others, since each child is completely unique. This ensures that every player will find something new to learn and to implement into their daily practice.

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In addition to playing soccer, campers work with one of the many youth coaches who work at NYCFC Soccer Camp. These coaches are an integral part of NYCFC’s Youth Academy system. As such, coaches are required to have a high level of soccer skills and to know how to teach young players what they need to know. As part of the overall curriculum at camp, coaches instruct players how to become physically fit, learn to defend and how to be successful in goal-scoring. They help them learn the importance of team work, soccer fundamentals, and the importance of having a positive attitude.

During the week, campers work towards improving their soccer abilities and gaining a competitive edge. The day starts at 7:00 am. Players walk through the center of the field where they meet their soccer coaches and are given instructions as to what they should do during the game. After the coaches’ presentation, the players are given their soccer balls and given the option to play for either a specific length of time or to walk off the field. Those who do not like to play will walk away at the end of their camp period.

Once the training sessions conclude, players are separated based on their skill level and assigned to teams. In each group, players will receive a variety of training, including, shooting games, agility games, field exercises, soccer drills, etc. As part of the game-based activities, each player is challenged to create a soccer game plan using the information taught. by their coaches.During camp, every athlete is taught the importance of staying fit and that the best way to train is by taking part in soccer camp. Not only are players challenged physically, they are also taught about the importance of staying healthy. as well as staying mentally strong while they are playing.

During soccer training camp, players learn the proper techniques and proper soccer etiquette. that is, not to talk during the game, how to behave with your coach, how to handle pressure, etc.After soccer camp, all participants return home for an orientation to the rest of their New York City area homes. A short period of time after returning home, campers will return to the field to continue practicing and improving their skills. As part of their continuing education, campers will have the opportunity to play at any of the NYCFC Training Camps or visit a High School.

NYCFC Soccer Camp is an excellent way for kids to learn soccer while being challenged, encouraged, and even tested. And it is a great opportunity to grow as a team and become a better player.In the last two summers, over 500 campers have participated in the camps and more than two thousand have gone on to participate in other camps. This is just one of the reasons why youth soccer is so popular today.

In addition to the traditional Soccer Camp, some of the other activities that are offered at the Soccer Camps are soccer clinics, golf, basketball and tennis, soccer ball tossing, soccer dance classes, and much more. Every player learns from the professionals at NYCFC.With the support of NYCFC Youth Soccer Programs, this program has helped thousands of kids become great soccer players. Not only that, it has taught them everything they need to know about life.